Welcome to the Hipparcos/Tycho catalogue home-page!

This is the homepage for the UK Astronomy Data Centre's Hipparcos/Tycho Catalogue service. At the time of writing the database is still under heavy construction, although the most useful data are already available. This includes the following:

  • The full Hipparcos catalogue.
  • The full Tycho catalogue.
  • Light-curves for variable Hipparcos stars
  • Finding charts for Hipparcos stars which need them.
The remaining pieces of the database will be added towards the end of the Summer. It is not possible currently to download machine readable subsections of the catalogues, but this will be addressed soon.


Form Description Help
HIPPARCOS Query the Hipparcos Catalogue
TYCHO Query the Tycho Catalogue

Please send questions, suggestions or problem reports by email to Jim Lewis.